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Save the Junkyards T-Shirts

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All images are silk screened.....Material: Gildan Ultra cotton heavyweight 100% cotton pre shrunk tee.....All images on the T-Shirts are from my artwork!......T-Shirts are guaranteed not to rust!

“Save the Junkyards” - Remember the days of going to junkyards and traveling thru deep woods to find old car parts and looking in ramshackle barns hoping to find vintage tin worth saving and restoring.  If so, you might agree that one of today’s greatest endangered pastimes is that of visiting the American junkyard.   Save the Junkyards” T-shirts are nostalgic reminders of those wonderful junkyards as well as mementos of things such as drive-in movies, outhouses, flatheads and short track racing.   They are the perfect T-shirts to wear to your local car shows, swap meets, country fairs and street festivals.  

Save the Junkyards T-Shirt
Junkyard Certified

Color: Sand  or Black
M-XL  $19.00   XXL $19.49


"Save the Junkyards” - Remember the days of going to the junkyard, traveling thru the woods to find vintage tin and finding a great old future car, worth saving and restoring, in a local barn.  This T-Shirt features an old skool hot rod junkyard truck; a nostalgic reminder of finding such treasures. 

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the old
Junkyard Flatbed Truck

Color: Sport Grey or Black
Sizes: M-XL  $19.00   XXL $19.49

“ Save the Junkyards” - This unique T-Shirt features an old vintage flatbed truck with a load of barn find relics.  Many of these cars are gone but this old truck just saved a few of them from the crusher. Remember the days when you went to the junkyard and saw lots of great antique cars & trucks just waiting to be fixed up.   

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Don't Touch My Junk T-Shirt
Color:  Black
M-XL  $19.00   XXL $19.49

For many years you have gone to junkyards, swap meets, flea markets, yard sales and even dumps to bring home treasures worth saving, selling or restoring.  Just say “Don’t Touch my Junk” to anyone who questions the authenticity of your junk.  This T-Shirt features an old junkyard and a new slogan meant to protect any and all of your treasures.


Sizes & Price ( Don't Touch my Junk)




Save the

Color: Ash
Sizes: M-XL  $19.00   XXL $19.49

A Drive-In theater consisted of a large outdoor movie screen, a projector building, a concession stand and a large parking area for automobiles. Some drive-ins had small playgrounds for children and a few picnic tables or benches.  The movies' sound was provided by speakers hung from the window of your car. Since you paid by the person to get into the drive-in. you might have hid several buddies in your trunk as you drove into the movie just to have them unceremoniously pop out of your trunk when you got inside. (Please note: this T-shirt artist would never have done anything like that!)  Drive-ins also were a favorite place to go on a date and they soon became known as passion pits.  Remember the steamed up windows!   

Sizes: (Save the Drive-Ins)





Save the Junkyard Caps©
Embroidered Junkyard Truck with Save the Junkyards lettering on the front.

Cap Color: Khaki with Forest green bill   $19.00 

Save the Junkyards Cap


Almost Gone 

Save the Junkyards 

Like old cars and trucks these T-shirts are now in the junkyard.  Unless rescued  they will be going to the crusher. 

100% Junkyard Certified 

Color: Black   

Sizes (Color Black)

Sizes: L or XL Only  

Save the Short Tracks 
Color: Sport Grey  

Sizes & Price

Sizes: L or XL Only  



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