Old Cars, Hot Rods & Automotive Nostaglia

(Watercolor/Acrylic Paintings  of nostalgic memories of great cruising spots in the New England area)

Art Johnsons
Route 1 Norwood, Mass

 Original:  $250 

Art Johnsons Bumper Sticker   

One place that definitely retained it's old charm of the 50's was Art Johnson's  in Norwood Mass.    It was an old time burger joint that caters to the street rod crowd until it closed sometime in the 70's.   How many of you raced at the lights? Original:  $250 

Art Johnsons Norwood MA Art Print Sizes & Bumper Sticker

Art Johnsons was famous amongst the hot rodders to line up at the lights and drag race down route 1.  The old 55 chevy's even with a beefed up 327/ 3 speed on the floor couldn't keep up with the mid 60's muscle cars. 
Does anyone have a photo of racing at the lights? If so, please let me know. Thanks

Original:  $299 

The Lights at Art Johnson's
Norwood, MA

Drag Racing at Art Johnsons 
Norwood MA Art Print Sizes


One place that definitely was famous in Massachusetts was Adventure Car Hop located on Route 1 in Saugus Mass.  How many of us growing up in the 60's listened to Woo Woo Ginsberg on WMEX AM radio?  Arnie "Woo-Woo" Ginsberg was heard from 7pm until 10pm from 1958 to 1965 and besides lots of great tunes we heard this famous advertising slogan.  

Adventure Car Hop
Route 1 Saugus, MA

Original:  $349 


Adventure Car Hop  Saugus MA
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 The Bubbling Brook is a famous landmark for lots of us in the  Westwood , MA area.  How many of us enjoyed the ice cream, freezes, fried clams and great food, and have fond memories of that special place. Remember the cars racing up the hill and the rock frog?? How many of us while in college drove our VW to the brook?? How many of us while in college drove our VW to the brook??

The Bubbling Brook to Medfield 
Westwood, Mass

Original:  $250 

The Bubbling Brook Westwood MA
Matted  Art Print Sizes


Located in North Attleboro, Mass. Ratteys was just up Route 1 from Jolly Chollys.  How many of you would cruise thru  Jolly Cholly's and then head up to Ratteys  on a Saturday night!!!.  

Original:  $250 


Buttered Hamburgers
North Attleboro, MA

Ratteys Drive-In 
 Matted Art Print Sizes & Refrigerator Magnet

It's in the late 60's and it's somewhere between 1 to 2AM in the morning and you've been cruising all night. Now your standing in line outside of a diner waiting for something to eat.  Where am I?  This famous diner was a late night refuge of many of us in the route 1 Massachusetts area.

Original:  $250 

Eddies Diner
Route 1 Walpole, Mass

Eddies Diner Walpole MA
 Matted Art Print Sizes

The Southern California Woody was the first car linked specifically to surfing and to many it is still the quintessential wave wagon. Built in the 30's and 40's companies such as Ford, Chevy, Buick and Oldsmobile.  The wooden station wagon was crafted of shinny wood (typically Ash or Oak) and were originally conceived to pick up or drop off passengers at train depots or stations, hence their original names "depot wagons" or, later, "station wagons".  They were perfect for carrying long surfboards,

Surfs Up  
(Old Skool Surfing in Southern California )  

Original:  $349

Surfing & Woodie Wagons Art Print Sizes

A nostalgic art print of a Western California Ranch surrounded by wild Mustangs, only these are metal Mustangs!   This ranch is also known as the Last Stop Garage

Original:  $249

Mustang Ranch

Ford Mustangs Art Print Sizes

If your from the Seekonk, Mass area then you must remember the famous Pink Elephant.  This was a favorite hangout for family's and street rodders. Unfortunally, the Pink Elephant is no longer there but it's memory remains.

Original:  $249


Pink Elephant Drive-in
Seekonk, MA

The Pink Elephant Seekonk MA Art Print Sizes

It's 1957, and where do you go when your cruising around Rochester NH, Earl's of course.

Original:  $250 


Earl's Drive-in
Circa 1957 
Rochester, NH

Earls Drive-In Art Print Sizes

When you think of a icon in Rhode Island the obvious answer is Del's Lemonade.   In 1948, Del's Frozen Lemonade acquired it's name and became the sole product sold at this little stand in Cranston, Rhode Island as depicted in this watercolor. Now, there are many Del's franchises worldwide providing the refreshing, all natural lemonade treat to everyone, anywhere, anytime!

Del's Lemonade
Original Lemonade Stand 
Cranston, RI
Original: SOLD

Del's Lemonade Art Print Sizes

Chubby's Diner: Located in the Sea coast area of Salisbury, MA this was a must stop while heading to the beach or just in the area!  
Original:  $250

Chubby's Diner
Salisbury, MA

Chubby's Diner Salisbury MA Art Print Sizes

There was a kind of magic about the drive-in movie theater. Remember when we loaded up the car for a night at the drive-in movies. I recall the time my buddies and I sneaked in the drive-in hidden inside of the trunk.   

EASY!!!! Just place a standard 4x6 photo onto the movie screen with double sticky tape or glue

with your photo 
Lost in the 50's Drive-in Movie 
Matted 16" x 20" Art Print

Lost in the 50's Drive-In Add your photo 16x20 matted art print

The idea of the drive-in theatre was made a hit by the baby boomer generation and unfortunally today drive-in theatres have gone by the wayside, although there are a still a few in operation and there is evidence that they may be making a comeback.  
EASY!!!! Just place a standard 4x6 photo onto the movie screen with double sticky tape or glue

with your photo 
Hot Rod Drive-in Movie 
Matted 16" x 20" Art Print

Hot Rod Drive-In Add your photo 16x20 matted art print


Kroger Ale at Karols 

Kroger Ale at Karols Art Prints (Free Shipping)


Original:  $199


James Dean, Elvis, John Milner's 32 Ford from American Graffiti and fifties cars all at the Remember When Diner. This place was a must when cruising on Route 11 in Rochester NH.  This was a great place to eat and a favorite of the junkyard artist!!  

Original:  $299

Remember When Diner
Route 11, Rochester, NH

Remember When Diner Art Print Sizes

The Junkyard Artist was extremely honored when  the " Remember When Diner" artwork was featured for the 2003 Stanislaus California County Fair poster and July/August cover of Turlock Living magazine.

Miscellaneous Automotive Artwork 
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Rock n Roll
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the Junkyard Diner
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the White Hut
West Springfield, MA

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Martins Drive-In
Rochester, NH

 Original:  $149
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Eddie's Diner
Route 1 Walpole, MA

 Original:  SOLD
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Deerfield Cruising
Original: SOLD
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Sunset Chopper
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Old Skool Hot Rod
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