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1940 Ford with Daffodils

The first rendering for the Yankee on the Wagon CD cover

 1940 Ford with Daffodils
1940 was the last year before WW2 that automobiles were produced in quantity.  This Ford Deluxe 4 Door Sedan has seen three wars. In her day, the roar of her flathead V8 could be heard for miles around.  Contrast this with the tranquility of the junkyard and the hope renewed by blooming daffodils.

11"x14" Beveled Mat:  $19 Now $15
Original watercolor:  $400 Now $150 

Scarywagon's Junkyard
Many historians have argued for years, why King Philip did not burn down the  Peak House
in Medfield Massachusetts.  The answer is really simple, this was where he went to find junkyard parts for his mustangs, dodge rams, and colts.  Years later, this became the home of  Scarywagon, a local country band now living in Nashville, TN.  
16"x20" Beveled Mat: 
$22 Now $15
 Original: Sold 

Larkin Woodie

 Woodie in the Oil Fields
No terrain was too tough for the 1938 Ford deluxe woodie station wagon equipped with Marmon & Herrington FWD (4x4)  Not standard fare, but an improved option for oilmen and others who made a living off the land. There are only a few Marmon & Herrington Woodie wagons left and they are highly prized by collectors.
11"x14" Beveled Mat:  $19 Now $15
Original watercolor:  $400 Now $100 

 Warwick Lighthouse
Warwick Neck/Narragansett Bay  Warwick, RI
(Nautical Chart Background-RI)

11"x14" Beveled Mat:  $19 Now $15

   Original: Sold 


1940 Ford Deluxe 2 Door Coupe
11"x14" Beveled Mat:  $19 Now $15
Original watercolor:  $200 Now $75

Cape Neddick "Nubble"  Lighthouse, York, ME
(Nautical Chart Background-Maine)
Sorry All Sold Out        Original: Sold 

 Southeast Block Island Lighthouse
(Nautical Chart Background-RI)
Sorry All Sold Out        Original: Sold 

 Bristol Ferry Lighthouse
(Nautical Chart Background-RI)
11"x14" Beveled Mat:  $19 Now $15

   Original: Sold 

The Old Man 
8"x10" Beveled Mat:  $12.99 Now $9.99
   Original: $100 Now $39.99

The Deerfield Fair 2006
The Deerfield Fair is the largest fair in NH and this is the first annual watercolor painting of Hacklebard Orchards. 
16"x20" Beveled Mat:  $23.99 Now $15.99
   Original: Deerfield Fair Historical Museum

Sorry All Sold Out        Original: Private Gallery

Waiting for Scallops
in Digby, Nova Scotia 
11"x14" Beveled Mat:  $19.99 
   Original: $250 Now $99.99


Medfield Memories, Junkyard Art rendering for Medfield's 350th anniversary

Medfield Memories 1
Medfield was home town to many business's some of which are featured in this recent painting by the junkyard artist. Where was the A&P market? Do you remember using "FL9" to make a phone call? How many of you used to go to the Harding Post Office or skate at Rocky Woods?

  • 16"x20"  $22  (Only a few prints left)
    Original: Not Available


Mantelli's Bar in Trinidad, Colorado

Mantelli's Bar
Mantelli's bar is a historic landmark in Trinidad, Colorado and features a beautiful bar made in Germany and shipped to the US in the late 1800's.  When you first enter this establishment, imagine the early days when the miners would be sitting at the bar talking about their stories of trying to find the lost mine or that elusive vein of solid gold. 

16"x20" Beveled Mat:  $23.99 Now $15.99
   Original: $300 Now $199

Hard at work on the farm

8N on the Farm 
Sorry All Sold Out 
  Original: $50.00 

Old Red
Sorry All Sold Out 


34 Piockup with yellow hubcaps, this truck resides in Milton NH

1934 Ford Pickup with Yellow Hubcaps
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31st Annual Car Show of the New England Region of the Early Ford V8 Club

Early Ford V8 Fords Going to the  Annual Car Show

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