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When I Grow Up
Remember when you were a boy and cruising around on your bike in the Summer.  One of your favorite spots was to go to the local gravel yard and dream about driving all of those neat old rigs.  Imagine being behind the wheel of that Ford 1950 dump truck or any of those other vintage Ford or Mack dump trucks.  Or even better, running one of the bucket loaders . 

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Giant Pumpkin Pulling at the Country Fair

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Farmers are quietly competitive and  there is one agricultural competition that is anything but calm – the tractor pulling contest.  Farmers began hitching their field tractors to weighted sleds and roared down a track to see who could pull it the farthest.  At first, the competitors pulled sleds that were loaded with a given weight.  But, what if you use giant pumpkins as depicted with this old Farmall tractor at a local country fair. Maybe the National Tractor Pullers Association will sanction this event.

Giant Pumpkins Pulling at the Country Art Prints (Free Shipping)

Truck and tractor pulling is a competition using tractors or large trucks to pull a heavy sled. Usually the sled offers progressively greater resistance as it is pulled. It can be a great spectacle, in no small part due to the fact that the pulling vehicle produces a great deal of noise and smoke, and tends to kick up dirt. Also, the tractors pulling don't actually travel very far (a typical "full pull" is 300 feet  One of the highlights at country fair is tractor pulling, and this time this old John Deer tractor is pulling giant pumpkins. 
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 Tractor Pulling with Giant Pumpkins at the Fair
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It's almost Christmas and  time to harvest the Christmas trees. As you know a Christmas tree is an evergreen or artificial tree decorated, as with lights and ornaments during the Christmas season.  Christmas Trees are grown on tree farms.  Christmas tree farming involves growing pine, spruce and fir trees specifically for use as Christmas trees. A wide variety of pine and fir species are grown as Christmas trees, although a handful of varieties stand out in popularity. In the US, Douglas-fir, Scots Pine and Fraser Fir all sell well.   Christmas trees are being loaded into a 41 Ford Rack Body truck and a little while ago the old  8N Ford tractor was hard at work. Wait a minute is that Santa!!

Christmas Tree Farm

Will even personalize by adding your name to the buildings sign

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The ground is now frozen and it's due to snow any day but that's ok for timber logging in the North country . The Old Dodge Power Wagon is still hard at work bringing the loggers into the forest and supplies for the logging trucks and skidders.  The 35 Ford Rack body is still hard at work and the 39 Chevy Rack body has a load of pine timber for the mill.  Times are tough so you gotta haul as much wood as possible when the mill will accept wood.  

Down East Logging

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The ground is now frozen and it's due to snow any day but that's ok for timber logging in the North country . The 35 Ford Rack body is still hard at work and has a load of pine timber for the mill.  Times are tough so you gotta haul as much wood as possible when the mill will accept wood.  

Hauling Logs to the Mill
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Once a week it is time to take out the trash and it will be picked up by your local trash hauler.  This print depicts a vintage rubbish truck taking a load of trash which will end up at our local landfill and sorted at recycling centers.  In the background is a garbage truck and a few others ready for their recycling chores. 

Trash Trucks
(Time to take out the trash)
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If you have ever been to country and wondered how they clean an outhouse?  Now you know!!!
When the septic truck was invented their first assignments was to pump out an outhouse. This old workhorse had been hard at work for many years  maintaining these American symbols. This print was featured in the trade magazine for the liquid waste industry called "The Pumper".

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Outhouse Pumper

(Septic Truck pumping out an outhouse)

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When the old outhouse was becoming obsolete, the early Septic companies starting renting out   portable porta  potty's.  This painting is an early rendering of a  Model A truck. hauling a load of Porta Potties.

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Porta Potties

(An old Model A Rack Body Truck with a load of Ports Potties)

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The ground is now frozen and we just had a Nor’easter blizzard snowstorm but that's ok because this 1955 Ford Dump truck is clearing the roads.  The Old Ford is still hard at work after many years plowing snow in the mountains. 

If interested, I can personalize the art print by adding your name onto the area just above the cab of the truck.   Please include what you would like hand printed by the artist onto the art print with your order.  

 Plowing Snow in the White Mountains



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This old Mack truck never retired and  has been  on the job for over 50 years in the Granite State of NH. The well rig is a pounder, which fractures the rock as it drills, and many people claim a pounded well produces more water than that a modern drilled well.

Granite State Well Rig Truck



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The  8N was introduced in 1948 and was in production until Ford's was celebrating it's golden anniversary in 1953 by  redesigning its tractors, and nicknamed them the Golden Jubilee.  Later the NAA was redesigned and known as the 861 Powerhouse. The 34 Ford rack body truck was actually spotted by the junkyard artist  being used on a farm selling vegetable

Ready for Harvest 



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The roosters  just started to crow and this group of of vintage farm equipment is ready for another busy day.  The  Chevy trucks have been here over fifty years and the Oliver model 70 since 1937.  The Allis-Chambers Model U became famous as the first tractor available with low-pressure pneumatic rubber tires.  When we needed a new tractor for the corn fields, the Case DC was the logical choice because it was a row crop tractor and designed to pull a three-line plough.  It had a belt pulley's, PTO, motor lift system for the implements, and quick dodge" steering for working uneven rows.

Ready to Work the Back 40

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The Shakers believed in using the most modern machinery and what better use that to utilize John Deer tractors for use at the Canterbury Shaker Village in Canterbury, NH.  The first arrival might have been this 1929 Model Model GP intended for row-crops as noted by it's high-arched front axle.  Next, it probably would have been a 1938 Model BWH-40 with Pneumatic tires which greatly improved the ride and traction.   The with the war looming, they  probably rushed out in 1941  to purchase a Model LA.

Shaker Village Tractors



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Farmall Tractors

The Shakers believed in using the best  machinery and what better use that to utilize International Harvest Tractors for use at the Canterbury Shaker Village in Canterbury, NH. The first arrival might have been  one of the first diesel-powered tractors which first appeared in 1934.  The engine was unusual because it first started on gas and when warmed up switched to diesel. Next, it probably would have been a Farmall M, first introduced in 1939 as a row crop tractor. Then for smaller duties,  they  probably rushed out in  to purchase  a new Farmall Cub which was built from 1949 thru 1979.

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2N Tractor at the Rochester Fair

Every September, we all wait anxiously for the Rochester Fair.  Ten days of Carnival rides, exhibits of huge pumpkins, farm animals, lots of good food, and the Saturday night Demo derby.  You need good equipment to run a country fair and this 2N is ready for the job.  Even though, her gray paint is a little chipped, and the hydraulics leak a little, she is ready for this year's fair.
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Miscellaneous Truck & Tractor Artwork 
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Power Wagons
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MacGregor's Garage
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 Heating Oil Delivery Truck
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The Girls

This old chevy was used for "Down on the Farm" and spotted in Colorado

This truck stops at all hayfields


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