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  Riverside Park, Agawam, MA

Riverside Park in Agawam Mass was a gathering spot for fun as far back as the 19th century when it was known as Riverside Grove and Gallup ’s Grove before as Gallup ’s Grove.  Henry J. Perkins created Riverside Park amusement park in 1870 with rides like the Giant Dip and a roller coaster. The park closed during the Depression and reopened by the Carroll family in 1940 added the speedway, music acts and many new rides. In 1996 the park was sold to Premier Parks Inc and renamed it Riverside : The Great Escape. In 1998 Premier Parks purchased Six Flags and in 2000 and renamed Riverside Park as Six Flags New England.

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Mountain Park, Holyoke, MA
   Throughout the 1960s, Mountain Park was one of the most popular entertainment spots in the Pioneer Valley . Teenagers flocked to the park to hear the latest rock and roll acts and take a spin on the big rides. Parents relaxed under the trees in the expansive picnic grove. And little tykes frolicked in Kiddieland. Throughout the years, the park was modified and improved, with colorful art deco styling and brightly lit structures designed by legendary roller coaster builder Edward Leis and Rhode Island craftsman Dominic Spadola. Together they designed no less than three different walk-thru fun houses and three different dark rides at the park. The Park closed in 1987.

Mountain Amusement Park Holyoke MA

Mt. Tom Ski Area, Holyoke , MA
Mount Tom Ski Area was a ski resort in Holyoke, Massachusetts, in the Mount Tom Range in the western part of Massachusetts about 10 miles north of Springfield. It opened in 1962 and closed in 1998. Mt Tom was located off Rt. 5 on the North side of Holyoke Massachusetts and was just up the  road from Mountain Park , a local amusement park.  
Original:  $150

Mt. Tom Ski Area Holyoke MA

Paragon Park
 ( Nantasket Beach) Art Print Hull, MA
Original:  $250  
Paragon Park was an amusement park located on Nantasket Beach in Hull , Massachusetts . It closed in 1984.  Among the amusement rides in operation during Paragon Park's history was a wooden roller coaster known as The Giant Coaster. 

Paragon Amusement Park Hull MA


Pleasure Island Amusement Park

Wakefield , MA

Pleasure Island was an 80 acre theme amusement park located in Wakefield , Massachusetts . The park, billed as the " Disneyland of the Northeast" was in business from 1959 to 1969. At its inception, it was the largest man-made tourist attraction in New England , expected to host over 1,200,000 visitors each summer season. Begun by William Hawkes of Gloucester , publisher of Child Life magazine, Pleasure Island pioneered a new concept: entertainment blended with education. Among the attractions were a Moby Dick Ride, the Old Smoky Line (featuring a 18-ton narrow gauge steam locomotive), a Pirate Ride, Horseless Carriage Rides, gold panning, stage coaches, and burro rides. Education attractions included “Breck’s Old Country Store,” the Wayside Grist Mill, Friend’s Baked Beanery, Cap’n Snow’s Chowder House, the H.P. Hood & Sons Gay Nineties Ice Cream parlor and the Pepsi-Cola-sponsored Goldspan Gulch soft drink emporium. Today, the land formerly occupied by the park is now Edgewater Office Park and Reedy Meadow Conservation Land .

Pleasure Island Amusement Park


Jolly Cholly Amusement Park   North Attleboro, MA
Located in North Attleboro, Mass. Jolly Cholly was the place to go to on a Saturday night from the mid 50's until 1979.  The park was on 12 acres and was well known for it's amusement Park Funland.  (Ferris Wheel, Whip, Merry-Go-Round, Kiddie Rides, Sky Fighter and in the 60's a Roller Coaster and Train were  added.  How many of us enjoyed the great food ,including the Pizza, Chowder and Ice Cream buildings, Funland amusement park, and even did a little cruising.  remember the special parking areas if you had a good car as shown in this watercolor rendering. Or, cruising from Jolly Cholly's to Ratteys? 

Cruising at Jolly Cholly's 
Original:  SOLD

Jolly Cholly North Attleboro MA (w 50's Cars)


 Jolly Cholly Clown Mr. JC 
Original:  $250


Jolly Cholly Clown N. Attleboro (Mr. JC)

Jolly Cholly Funland & Jolly Cholly Roadsign  Originals:  $175

Jolly Cholly N. Attleboro (Mr. JC)

Lincoln Park       Dartmouth, MA
 Lincoln Park, Dartmouth MA opened on July 4, 1894 and closed in 1987  and t
he name Lincoln Park was drawn from a contest.  As popularity grew so did the attractions and a Carousel was added (1895),  ballroom, and Giant Coaster in 1912.  From 1912 to 1920 the park  hosted the Southern New England Country Fair.  In 1921 the park opened a new dance hall and a  new Carousel which is now in Battleship Cove, Fall River, MA.  Later a new coaster, the Comet was built in the late 40s and later a 14-lane bowling alley,  improved dance hall,  boathouse, Ferris wheel, more concessions stands, games, the popular Monster Ride  and clambakes..

The Entrance at 
Lincoln Park
Dartmouth MA
Original: $375.00

Lincoln Park Enterance to Amusement Park Art Print

Lincoln Park's Penny Sign
Dartmouth MA

Original: $150.00

Lincoln Park Road Sign Art Print


Rhode Island

Crescent Park, Riverside, RI 1886-1979
Original: $300.00 
 The "Coney Island of New England" originated in 1886 under the foresight of Charles Boyden.  Charles I.D. Looff. Looff was commissioned to build the Carousel that would come to be the cornerstone of the park. In the early 1900's the park was bustling with patrons that were brought from trolleys and steamships from all over New England and New York. the Shore Dinner Hall was built in 1914. and in 1920 added  a roller rink and the "Alhambra Ballroom". The Park flourished  in the 1950s and  1960s.  On the night of September 2, 1969, the Alhambra Ballroom fell victim to a horrible fire. Unfortunally Crescent Park closed in 1979. 

Crescent Park Riverside RI

Rocky Point Amusement Park
Warwick, RI
The Rocky Point Amusement Park was a popular Amusement Park on  Narragansett Bay in Warwick, RI from around 1847 to 1995. .  From the 1950s through 80s, Rocky Point Amusement Park was where to go in Rhode Island and the Amusement park featured rides such as the Skyliner, Corkscrew Loop Roller Coaster, Log Flume, House of Horrors and the Freefall.  Who can forget the awesome clam chowder and clam cakes from the Shore Dinner Hall which closed around 1997.

Rocky Point's Main Entrance Sign 
Original:  $175

Rocky Point Entrance Sign Amusement Park

Rocky Point's Shore Dinner Hall 
Original:  $225

Rock Point Shore Dinner Hall Art Print


Memories of Rocky Point 
Original:  Private Gallery

Rocky Point Memories Collage Entrance Sign Art Print

Nautical Chart Art (Rocky Point Entrance Sign) 
Original: $125

Rock Point Nautical Chart Sign Art Print

The Enchanted Forest
(Kiddie-Land Amusement Park)   Hope, RI
Original:  SOLD  (acrylic on canvas)

 When you think of where to take your children or grandchildren the place was the Enchanted Forest in Hope RI. This was a great place to take your young children for a day of fun and entertainment. The Enchanted Forest of Rhode Island opened in 1971 and  featured small-scale rides, petting zoo, and the old woman's giant yellow shoe which functions as a slide. In 2005, the park unfortunally closed. 

The Enchanted Forest Amusement Park


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